Turkaa: intertwined life 

In the Netherlands where I live human structures and nature reserves are strongly entangled. It is an intricate patchwork of land and water. Between crowded cities and villages small nature development areas arise, just like a little stamp on an huge envelope. In these tiny nature development areas human presence and nature can be seen quite clearly in landscape elements, like in the area of Turkaa, Diessen. Turkaa is surrounded by farms, plantations, small country roads, fishing decks and other structures. In this ongoing project that I started in 2022 I want to show how closely I am bonded with nature in my home village, hoping people recognize this bonding.  Home town nature may inspire art and how we perceive the world around us and treat the world around us. Therefore, it is not just nature; human presence is inevitable in these areas, in the end it is intertwined life.

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Project movie and the book

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The project resulted in a book of more than 80 pages in full colour. In the near future I may want to publish it officially.