Balanced beauty

While staying in nature close to my home in the Netherlands and during my travels in Switzerland I saw the Yin and Yang in all kinds of topics and structures. I got inspired by this and therefore I created the series 'Balanced Beauty'. The series consists of diptychs with images that confront each other. Just like Yin and Yang the images refer to two opposing principles or forces that permeate all aspects of life. It feels like a representation of cosmic duality, as in the confrontation of sharpness in ice splinters and soft rounded shapes of snow for example. Shapes, outlines and textures in nature can express beauty in so many ways as a metaphor of how I may look upon the world. Without any judgement, experiencing each unique beauty on its own.

Bug me (L) and I am fluffy to go (R)
No. 2:
on the left: a mottled shieldbug (Rhaphigaster nebulosa) is hanging around on my garden hedra in Spring. The bug used to be very rare in the Netherlands though it is making a grand tour across the country nowadays. On the right: a barn owl chick (Tyto alba) was in a deep sleep while I was helping out with the barn owls. It finally grew up to a safe and sound adult barn owl. Beauty can take on many shapes and structures.

Fresh (L) and Antlers (R)
No. 3:
on the left:  I was cooking at home and I saw how wonderful the shadows of the shutters came together with the structures of the freshly cut leek. On the right: a frozen rosehip creates interesting textures in the ice. Tthe leaves on top almost seem like antlers. Beauty is everywhere if you look just closely enough. 

Black and white beauty (L) and Brushing water (R)
No. 4:
on the left: a young mute swan (Cygnus olor) swam right next to me in the river 'De Dommel', Boktste Beemden, the Netherlands. The outlines of the swan and the water lines are fixed. On the right: the water spray of this waterfall in Graubunden, Switzerland, is like soft feathers, brushing the stones. Beauty can be roughly polished or softly brushed.

The voyeur (L) and Softly (R)
No. 5:
on the left: a green frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) just came out of the mud where it was sleeping. The sand particles are still on its front legs. On the right: a delicate close-up of the feathers of a rosy pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) as quietly and softly as you would expect. Beauty can be slimy or softly, it all belongs to Earth.

Razorblades (L) and Innocent (R)
No. 1:
on the left: in a small stream close to the agricultural lands of Gorp and Roovert, Goirle, the Netherlands, I found broken ice that caught my attention. As razor blades the ice seemed to have very sharp edges. On the right: heaps and bundles of snow create fantastic soft sculptures in the nature development area of Turkaa, Diessen, the Netherlands. Both beautiful on their own.