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Nature photos, stills, shadows, documentary... all with a beautiful story of their own. Made with passion, love, softness for nature, wonder, admiration and a whole lot of creativity. Marta Demarteau Photography offers you commercial and non-commercial photoshoots on outdoor locations, all accustomed to your needs.  Images in a wide range of topics are also for sale for editorial purposes, like social media, websites, newspapers and magazines. Give your media an extra boost so even more clients will notice your business!

What's more? If you want to learn more about wildlife photography yourself, I wrote an e-book to improve your skills and expand your creative view on wildlife, even in your own garden! And... if you want to decorate your room with splendid colour or black-and-white photography, in the Fine-art shop you will find Limited Editions to make your everyday life even brighter!

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About me

My name is Marta Demarteau (1981). I am a passionate professional photographer from Diessen, the Netherlands. I get inspired by wildlife and my natural surroundings, close at home or far away. I have also come up with conceptual images and stories. My very first photography education was in 2003, when I started at the Photography School of the Netherlands (Nederlandse Fotovakschool). After that I followed several trainings, courses and mentorships to improve my creative work and my entrepreneurial skills e.g. mentorship by famous nature photographer Bart Siebelink and the Masterclasses Photography at National Geographic Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My creative work is internationally published and nominated/shortlisted by e.g. National Geographic NL - USA - Spain - Australia, Nature Conservancy's 2023 Global Photo Contest, Siena Creative Photo Awards (2020 & 2021), WildArt Photographer of the Year (2021 - 2023) and exhibited at the Billboard Art Show of Expo metro in Barcelona, Spain (2023). My photographs can be found in newspapers, books, websites, calendars and photo & nature magazines, like The Times (UK), Wild Planet Photo Magazine (UK) and the calendar 2021 of National Geographic (NL). Get inspired!

Girl portrait golden light; portret meisje gouden licht
Marta Demarteau
Marta Demarteau
polar bear; ijsbeer
pheasant, fazant

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water reflection; water reflectie