Out of the blue

I work as a voluntary guide and photographer for a travel agency. During one of the day trips on the North Sea, the Netherlands, I got fascinated by the seagulls gliding through the air close to the waves. Going out to sea always has an enchanting effect on me... The idea of an imaginative series came to life: 'Out of the blue'. The series is an artistic investigation of clearing out the meaning of a subject, in this case a seagull. Throughout the series the seagull is moving from concrete to abstract expression. Going back to a pure form or shape makes it possible to give a new meaning to what I am experiencing and getting more creative about it. It also widens my perspective on the world, enabling me to recondition what I perceive. The movement, vividness or blue-white hues for instance can represent ocean dwelling creatures, a whale, a supernatural spirit or a dancing aurora... just imagine!

The apparition
No. 2:
on the open space of the North Sea I wanted to catch more detail of the seagulls' movements. You can still recognize the subject as being a seagull, coming out of the film of the water surface.

On cosmic wings
No. 3:
moving along on the open water of the North Sea, I wanted to experiment even further with unsharpness and the scum of the waves. In the image you can still see it is a bird, though guessing. It resulted in an abstract image with the bird unsharp between dots of scum as if it is floating in the universe.

Break free
No. 4:
as this seagull was diving, it almost seems like it is underwater now, creating a new seascape around it.

Speed up
No. 5:
the seagulls are so very fast in gliding and soaring above the waves of the North Sea. The seagull is now transforming into a new shape.

Just gone
No. 6:
the subject is starting to mould into an unrecognizable shape of smudges, as it is almost gone from the frame.

No. 7:
up-close with the movement splashing before my lens...Now you don't see a seagull or a bird anymore in the image. With some imagination you might recognize a wing.

With wings wide open
No. 8:
it is clear that the seagull has become completely unrecognizable. The sign or concept of a seagull is wiped out. The process to give meaning to a subject or concept can start all over again, hereby enlightening the experience of shape and color. The transformation is complete.

Scum festivity
No. 9:
after the seagulls left the scene, all that is left is a festivity of scum hanging in mid-air.

Glorious wings
No. 1:
as I was traveling across the North Sea, departure from Neeltje Jans in the Netherlands, I was amazed by the speed of the gulls diving and soaring across the waves. I decided to experiment with long shutter speeds. It resulted in an abstract image full of whites, blues and cyans, while you can still see the subject is a seagull.