E-book on Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a challenging job. Many people think it is unattainable or just way too difficult. This e-book tells you everything you need to know, even if you are simply starting in your own backyard! Combine your creative eye with subjects that you hadn't thought of before. You will learn the camera settings for action photography, how weather conditions play an important role, how to take animal portraits and how to get closer to animals for creating excellent images. The e-book also contains chapters about black & white photography and how you can play with symmetry and repetition. The e-book is in full-colour, 10 chapters, with lots of examples and background stories how images were accomplished. Basic understanding of composition rules and camera settings (shutter speed, ISO and aperture) come in handy when starting on this e-book. Let's get inspired! The e-book is available in:

- PDF (can best be viewed in a PDF-reader showing 2 pages at a time)
- ePUB (for Apple devices, can best be viewed in iBooks)

Introduction price: € 17,97