Balanced beauty

While staying in nature close to my home in the Netherlands and in Switzerland I saw the Yin and Yang in all kinds of topics and structures. I got inspired by this and therefore I created the series 'Balanced Beauty'. The series consists of diptychs with images that confront each other. The images refer to two opposing principles or forces that permeate all aspects of life. Without any judgement, experiencing each unique beauty on its own.

Turkaa: intertwined life

In the Netherlands where I live human structures and nature reserves are strongly entangled. It is an intricate patchwork of land and water. Between crowded cities and villages small nature development areas arise, like in the area of Turkaa, Diessen. Turkaa is surrounded by farms, plantations, small country roads, fishing decks and other structures. Home town nature may inspire art and how we perceive the world around us and treat the world around us. In the end it is intertwined life.

Out of the blue

The series 'Out of the blue'  is an artistic investigation of clearing out the meaning of a subject, in this case a seagull on the North Sea. Throughout the series the seagull is moving from concrete to abstract expression. Going back to a pure form or shape makes it possible to give a new meaning to what I am experiencing and getting more creative about it. It also widens my perspective on the world, enabling me to recondition what I perceive... just imagine!

Love shine a light

Growing up in a world highly influenced by the digital revolution, social media, the pandemic, shattered norms and standards, the rush and pressure of ambition, and above all dark moments of loss no one has foreseen... It can be complicated and confusing sometimes. My daughter Lisa shows there is always the light to return to, the light to find peace in and the light to play with. Love shine a light...