Love shine a light (under construction)

Growing up in a world highly influenced by the digital revolution, social media, the pandemic, shattered norms and standards, the rush and pressure of ambition, and above all dark moments of loss no one has foreseen... It can be complicated and confusing sometimes. My daughter Lisa shows there is always the light to return to, the light to find peace in and the light to play with. Love shine a light...

No. 1: 
She blows a kiss, thrilling in the air, floating swiftly and softly towards me. Innocent and sweet, I will always remember our bond. This image will be exhibited in the Billboard Art Show of Expo Metro at Passeig de GrĂ cia, one of Barcelona's most iconic metro stations, Spain, from 15th-28 June 2023.

No. 2: 
Rhodes Greece... a warm place in our hearts. My daughter and her dad are working together: she brushes her teeth neatly, while he encourages her in an intimate daily moment. Published by National Geographic in the Daily Dozen of April 22nd, 2019.

Golden girl

No. 3: She dreams away, staring at the golden flares of the Sunset... the mirror on the wall reflects the beams to enlighten her.

Another golden girl
No. 4: 
The look on her face, the golden hand in her neck and her blonde hair makes me pause... Where do dreams go? Do they shimmer like gold or do they fade away? In this moment I can only see the golden glow of a possible future for her.

The girl with the golden bag

No. 5: Life creates pathways and sometimes you just have to choose. She made her choice, wearing her faerie dress and her golden bag, as she wanders past the church.

The wind

No. 6: [text under construction]

Another day of hope
No. 7: 
She is staring out of the window, waiting for a glimpse of her friends. She misses them although she doesn't say a word about it.

Keep you safe
No. 8: 
Imagine these shadows are teeth, eating their way through our human population like a virus... Or maybe these shadows are the outlines of a battlement castle? I try to keep my loved ones close to me, away from a fight of an invisible enemy.

Pure joy
No. 9: 
[text under construction]

Jump for joy
No. 10: 
[text under construction]

Summer vibes
No. 11: 
[text under construction]

Summer feelings
No. 12: 
[text under construction]

Playing with the rain pools
No. 13: 
[text under construction]

Where is my daughter?
No. 14: 
She is playing around her princess tent, except... where is she? The late sunlight creates an eerie ray into the tent and then I discover the figure behind the tent... is it her?

Still life in a small hand
No. 15: 
[text under construction]

Just after the mud run
No. 16: 
[text under construction]

A moment of thought
No. 17: 
[text under construction]