Premium quality meditation cushions from the brand Molecule will make YOUR life more comfortable and relaxed! Just sit down, open your senses... breathe in and breathe out. This is also the most convenient one to have with you when visiting a wildlife hide! Find the best seat and support for your body. The cushions are handcrafted with the most beautiful designs of nature and the wild.

Some of the designs offered in the images above are still available at my website. Molecule itself does not exist anymore as a brand. Available pieces: ROUND purple cushion, BOLSTER (roll) magnolia flower and BOLSTER (roll) cosmic print. The other cushions are sold out.


  • Material ROUND cushion purple and the BOLSTER (roll) cushion Magnolia velvet deluxe: 100% polyester.
  • Material BOLSTER (roll) cushion cosmic print gobelin premium: 58% cotton, 32% polythene, 10% acetate.
  • ROUND cushion 33 cm diameter by 14 cm high
  • BOLSTER cushions 20 cm diameter by 60 cm long
  • Includes inner cushion
  • Outer cover is easily removable and can be washed. Remove stains by hand / hand wash / machine wash up to 30ºC
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Chemical cleaning not possible
  • Filled with organic buckwheat chaff. These are the hulls of buckwheat seeds. These shells or caps are characterized as resilient, sustainable and are odorless. You can easily adjust the height and firmness of the meditation cushion by removing some chaff.
  • Handmade in the Netherlands.

 Starting from € 49,95*

* Price including Dutch VAT (21%). Shipping costs not yet included. 

Go to the contact form to order a unique premium quality Molecule meditation cushion (click on button below). If you want to buy the last three pieces all at once, for example for your yoga studio, contact me: we can surely work it out!