Life is Play
Marta Demarteau (1981) is my name. I am a professional photographer from Diessen, the Netherlands. I get inspired by my natural surroundings, close at home or far away. My core business is therefore nature- and travelphotography. Recently, I also developed a passion for conceptual and documentary photography. Life is Play. Life is Precious. Life is Experimental. Combining all those experiences results in quite a different perspective on modern photography. My work is published and nominated by National Geographic, in nature books, photo and nature magazines (e.g. the Dutch magazines Natura and Zoom magazine), exhibitions (e.g. Tilburg University) and I have my own fashion line based on photography by VIDA, a Google venture operating from San Francisco, USA. Photographic equipment My equipment consists of a professional camera and professional L lenses: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 300mm F4, Canon 1.4x Converter, Tamron 90mm Di Macro, Canon 17-40mm, Redged Tripod and Giotto Monopod. I also have an extra semi-professional camera with me: Canon 1D Mark II N. Sometimes it’s necessary to hire extra equipment, like I did with the Polar Bears at Spitsbergen (Canon 500mm F4).
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