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Project Vliegkunstenaars Wageningen University When we look at the art of flying in nature, the details are mostly too quick to perceive with our eyes. As a solution for research on flying movements, the latest High-Speed (HS) video technologies make it possible to record the art of flying in detail. Wageningen University started a project focused on High Speed recording, called Vliegkunstenaars. For more information (only available in Dutch). I was selected as a participant for the professional HS course at Wageningen University on April 16th. I will continue with shooting HS movies for the project and I will report the progress of my participation on my blog. Project Hydrobiology AQUON Living organisms tell a lot about the quality of our surface waters. From March till August I will help AQUON in the monitoring of surface waters in relation to cyanobacteria in the Province of Brabant. I will also learn a lot about freshwater phytoplankton. For more information (only available in Dutch). Follow my activities, see blog!