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27 Droppings of cormorants colour some of the trees white in the Oderdelta
28 The colours of sundown on the small mudflats of the Oderdelta
29 White-tailed eagle in mysterious light during a storm on the Oderdelta
30 White-tailed eagle during the storm on the Oderdelta
31 A konik horse feeds on the grasses in Reservat Czarnocin
  32 Orange glows on the watersurface Stepnica.jpg  
33 White-tailed eagle in an almost painted landscape of the Oderdelta
34 Herring gulls fight for a fish in the Oderdelta

32 Orange glows on the watersurface Stepnica
Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N | Datum: 17-10-10 18:09 | Resolutie: 533 x 800 | ISO-waarde: 200 | Belichtingstijd: 1/5000s | Diafragma: 5.6 | Brandpuntsafstand: 420,0mm (~527.1mm)
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