Up The Oderdelta Poland Slideshow

1 European white-tailed eagle with fish and spray in the Oderdelta
2 Young konik horses are teasing each other in Reservat Czarnocin
3 Reflections of reed and sky on the watersurface during the floods of 2009 in Reservat Olszanka
4 Herring gull with fish in the Oderdelta
5 Old barn in Stepnica
6 Phosphorus pit in the Oderdelta
7 Common gulls fighting over fish in the Oderdelta
8 European white-tailed eagle in flight in the Oderdelta
9 A mother konik horse nurturing her young in Reservat Czarnocin
10 A nosy young konik horse in the evening light in Reservat Czarnocin
11 Orange glows of the sundown Stepnica
12 European white-tailed eagle close by in the Oderdelta
13 The floods of 2009 in Reservat Olszanka
14 Domestic cats profit from the catch of the day by the fishermen
15 Trees are already without leaves for the coming winter in Reservat Czarnocin
16 Even a storm will not stop this white-tailed eagle to take wing in the Oderdelta
17 A moss-grown withering tree forms an arc in Reservat Olszanka
18 Close encounter with a konik horse in Reservat Czarnocin
19 Great black-backed gull ready for landing in the Oderdelta
20 Sundown and the silhouette of a heron in the Oderdelta
21 Old house in the town of Stepnica
22 European white-tailed eagle close encounter
23 Beaver gnawing tracks and fungus in Reservat Olszanka
24 Parasitizing mistletoe on a tree in Reservat Olszanka
25 Fighting konik horse bulls in Reservat Czarnocin
26 Mute swans with their fledglings in the Oderdelta
27 Droppings of cormorants colour some of the trees white in the Oderdelta
28 The colours of sundown on the small mudflats of the Oderdelta
29 White-tailed eagle in mysterious light during a storm on the Oderdelta
30 White-tailed eagle during the storm on the Oderdelta
31 A konik horse feeds on the grasses in Reservat Czarnocin
32 Orange glows on the watersurface Stepnica
33 White-tailed eagle in an almost painted landscape of the Oderdelta
34 Herring gulls fight for a fish in the Oderdelta

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