Up Snow and Ice of the North Slideshow

1 Smooth snow on Svalbard
2 Magical light in Trollfjord Lofoten Norway
3 Packice surfaced on the beach Svalbard
4 Glacier Svalbard
5 Twilight zone in Tranoy Lofoten Norway
6 An iceberg on a dark day Svalbard
7 Snow structures Svalbard
8 Glacier ice as a work of art Svalbard
9 Glacier Longyearbyen Svalbard
10 In the mountains of Skrova Lofoten Norway
11 Snow landscape Svalbard
12 Purple morning in Tranoy Lofoten Norway
13 Within an iceberg Svalbard
14 Only snow and stone Svalbard
15 Glacierfront Svalbard
16 Macro of glacier ice Svalbard
17 Lighting snow Svalbard
18 Pink mountain Trollfjord Lofoten Norway
19 Layers of a glacier Svalbard
20 Packice close-up Svalbard
21 Glacierblue Svalbard
22 Glacier structures Svalbard
23 Tracks in the snow Svalbard
24 Moreen and snow in the polar sun Svalbard
25 Reflections Trollfjord Lofoten Norway
26 Carvings in glacier Svalbard

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