Up Polar Mammals of the North Slideshow

1 Blue whale close to Spitsbergen
2 A bearded seal takes a curious look at us
3 Walrus group at Poolepyten
4 A little practice in fighting
5 Moulting together
6 Relaxing on the beach
7 A young reindeer on rough terrain
8 Coming close
9 Sniffing the air
10 A reindeer with full grown antlers in Longyearbyen
11 A polar bear mother with her new born cub
12 A full grown polar bear searching for food on the rocky beach
13 Polar bear portrait at Liefdefjord
14 Polar bear with a scientific radiocollar
15 A polar bear mother with a yearling
16 A yearling immitates its mother sniffing the air
17 Climbing rocky hills
18 Eye to eye with a polar bear
19 Polar bears sometimes eat seaweed
20 On mothers back
21 A yearling approaches the ice edge
22 Young polar bears are very inquisitive
23 Under mothers belly
24 Eating from a whale carcass together
25 More flesh to eat for fatting up
26 All kinds of brown-red fur in a landscape of snow and ice
27 Just checking the scenery
28 Need some scratching now and again
29 A little fight for laying down in the best spot
30 Walrus portrait up close

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