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6 Artic Tern spreads its wings in Ny-Alesund Svalbard
7 Artic Terns courtship in Ny-Alesund Svalbard
8 Artic Tern on the look-out in Ny-Alesund Svalbard
9 Artic Tern balancing in the air in Ny-Alesund Svalbard
10 Artic Terns fighting in Ny-Alesund Svalbard
  11 Grey Phalarope near Andonoya Svalbard.jpg  
12 Black Guillemot near Andonoya Svalbard
13 Brunnichs Guillemot on a small ice float Svalbard
14 Birdcliffs full of Brunnichs Guillemot Svalbard
15 A couple of Brunnichs Guillemots on the birdcliff Svalbard
16 Brunnichs Guillemot on ice Svalbard

11 Grey Phalarope near Andonoya Svalbard
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