Up The Dutch Wadden 1 Slideshow

1 Pack ice at De Cocksdorp Texel
2 Fieldwork on the mudflats of De Cocksdorp Texel
3 Block of ice and snow on the mudflats of De Cocksdorp Texel
4 Sunrise on snowy dunes at 't Horntje Texel
5 Plates of ice cracking in the Mokbaai Texel
6 Colours of sundown at 't Horntje Texel
7 TESO harbour at 't Horntje Texel
8 Ruddy turnstone searching for shellfish at De Rede Texel
9 Playing with my shadow near Hollum Ameland
10 Structures of wind and water on the mudflats at the Mokbaai Texel
11 Winter clouds above De Geul and De Hors Texel
12 Dark and golden sky at the Mokbaai Texel
13 Mudflat de Hors at low tide Texel
14 Oystercatchers preparing for migration near Hollum Ameland
15 Human activities in UNESCO nature reserve The Eems Estuary Groningen
16 Loading cargo ships in UNESCO nature reserve The Eems Estuary Groningen
17 Soft coloured sundown at the Mokbaai Texel
18 Whimbrel on the mudflats of Holwerd Friesland
19 Bird reserve De Petten Texel
20 Stormclouds and rainbow near De Petten Texel
21 Golden light at the Mokbaai Texel
22 Black-headed gull in winter plumage at Holwerd Friesland
23 Partial solar eclipse January 4th 2011 at 't Horntje Texel
24 Dunes in the wind at De Geul Texel
25 Sand shifting on the dunes of De Hors texel
26 Photography at the dike of Northern Ameland
27 Whimbrel splashing in a pool at Holwerd Friesland
28 Whimbrel scraping the mud for food at Holwerd Friesland
29 Patience and practice pay off for this whimbrel at Holwerd Friesland
30 Hard winds with sand scrubbing the landscape of De Hors Texel

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