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1 A very cold winter Tilburg Leijpark
2 Patches of snow ice and water Gorp en Roovert Goirle
  3 Frozen tails of mute swans Gorp en Roovert Goirle.jpg  
4 Ice snow and bird printings Gorp en Roovert Goirle
5 Redwing drinking near the ice edge Gorp en Roovert Goirle
6 Death is also part of the circle of life - redwing Korvelplein Tilburg
7 Spring comes again with green splendour Herperduin Maashorst Herpen
8 Natural colors reflecting in the water as a painting Herperduin Maashorst Herpen

3 Frozen tails of mute swans Gorp en Roovert Goirle
Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N | Datum: 5-2-12 13:40 | Resolutie: 800 x 533 | ISO-waarde: 160 | Belichtingstijd: 1/1250s | Diafragma: 8.0 | Brandpuntsafstand: 420,0mm (~527.1mm)
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