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17 Green frog warming up in the Spring sun Groote Meer Brabantse Wal Ossendrecht
18 Pollen and an old tree on a Spring morning Herperduin Maashorst Herpen
19 Clouds and green grass Gorp en Roovert Goirle
20 Duck feather in white and blue Piushaven Tilburg
21 Sparrow foraging on grubs Herperduin Maashorst Herpen
  22 Love written in wood Tilburg University.jpg  
23 Detail of a sluice near Van Puyenbroek Goirle
24 Sanddunes in a frame of branches Herperduin Maashorst Herpen
25 First signs of a new autumn Leijpark Tilburg
26 Waterplants in green and black Leijpark Tilburg
27 Just after a rainshower Gorp en Roovert Goirle

22 Love written in wood Tilburg University
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