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10 Juvenile grey wagtail searching for insects between the stones near De Dommel Boxtel
11 Juvenile grey wagtail on the hunt for little flies near De Dommel Boxtel
12 Juvenile grey wagtail stretching its wings near De Dommel Boxtel
13 Adult grey wagtail collecting nesting material near De Dommel Boxtel
14 Heathland Kievitsbleek Nieuwe Heide Best
  15 Very tall pine tree in the woods near Nieuwe Heide Best.jpg  
16 Pine trees catch the late sun in the woods near Nieuwe Heide Best
17 Juvenile tawny owl winking at me in De Kempen
18 A patch of the potential toxic cyanobacterium Phormidium stranded on a beach in South Brabant
19 Phormidium is benthic and will catch whatever it can to get a hold on in South Brabant
20 New mats of Phormidium have formed in the shallows South Brabant

15 Very tall pine tree in the woods near Nieuwe Heide Best
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