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35 Dark and mysterious woods in Hossa
36 Colourful peat moss in Näränkä
37 Waxwing stake-out in Julma Ölkky
38 Golden leaves in Hossa
39 Reflections and the waterfall Kiutaköngäs - Oulanka National Park
  40 Love to peak at the reindeer farm Hossa.jpg  
41 Peat moss all in the blur in Hossa
42 Bright sunshine on the slopes of Julma Ölkky
43 Young male brown bear on the mires of Vartius
44 Waxwing enjoying delightful berries in Näränkä
45 Sundown on our way to Hirvisuo

40 Love to peak at the reindeer farm Hossa
Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N | Datum: 29-9-12 16:42 | Resolutie: 800 x 533 | ISO-waarde: 320 | Belichtingstijd: 1/80s | Diafragma: 4.5 | Brandpuntsafstand: 300,0mm (~376.5mm)
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