Up Central Finland Slideshow

1 Pink sundown Hossa
2 Deep into the woods near Hossa - Värikallio
3 Red peat moss with seed caps in Hossa area
4 Young male brown bear crossing the bog in Vartius
5 Black berry plant near the canyon of Julma Ölkky
6 Abstract on the island of the reindeer farm Hossa
7 Red light of the sun down near Julma Ölkky
8 Yellow landscape on our way to Hossa
9 Young reindeer near Hossa
10 Wood Horsetail with droplets in Näränkä
11 The raging waters of Kiutaköngäs - Oulanka National Park
12 Old woods near Hossa - Värikallio
13 Rock face and water surface in Hossa area
14 Golden water of Oulankajoki river - Oulanka National Park
15 Stormy sun down near Julma Ölkky
16 Whooper swan flapping its wings near Hossa
17 Whooper swan stretching its neck near Hossa
18 Birch in bright green on the island of the reindeer farm Hossa
19 Enjoyable fire and salmon Näränkä
20 Sunlight at last in Julma Ölkky
21 Misty view in Hossa
22 Red Pixie Cup with reindeer lichen Hossa area
23 Peat moss cf Sphagnum teres in Näränkä
24 Monument for fallen soldiers on our way to Vartius
25 Old army jeep on our way to Vartius
26 Red peat moss and blurry reindeer lichen in Hossa
27 The old growth of the forest near Hossa - Värikallio
28 Waves of Kiutaköngäs waterfall - Oulanka National Park
29 Young male brown bear looking for food in Vartius
30 Creative photograph of the leaves and waters of Oulanka National Park
31 Bright red and pink reflection of the sundown in Hossa
32 Big reindeer male herding its females near Hossa
33 Red berry close-up near Hossa - Värikallio
34 Yellow colours in the reflection and foam of Oulankajoki river - Oulanka National Park
35 Dark and mysterious woods in Hossa
36 Colourful peat moss in Näränkä
37 Waxwing stake-out in Julma Ölkky
38 Golden leaves in Hossa
39 Reflections and the waterfall Kiutaköngäs - Oulanka National Park
40 Love to peak at the reindeer farm Hossa
41 Peat moss all in the blur in Hossa
42 Bright sunshine on the slopes of Julma Ölkky
43 Young male brown bear on the mires of Vartius
44 Waxwing enjoying delightful berries in Näränkä
45 Sundown on our way to Hirvisuo
46 Saying goodbye at nighttime in Hossa

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