Up Bayerischer Wald Germany Slideshow

1 Sundown red and blue
2 Wild cat on the look-out
3 Wild cat in the shadows
4 Female gadwall shaking her head in the rain
5 Female gadwall stretching her wings
6 Female western capercaillie shaking her feathers
7 Myst in the forest during sundown
8 A curious wolf inspecting me
9 European lynx stalking the woods
10 Portrait of the European pine marten
11 Low-key photograph of the European pine marten
12 The Kleine Ohe in autumn
13 Young pine tree sprouting on rotten bark
14 Autumn is pulling in on the forest
15 Fallen trees touch the stream of the Kleine Ohe
16 A place of serenity at the Kleine Ohe
17 Small wild streams
18 Male tufted duck scratching his belly
19 Male tufted duck unfolding his wings
20 Sundown red yellow and orange
21 Portrait of a black stork
22 Black stork fishing for food
23 Feather design of the black stork
24 Close-up of the feathers of the black stork
25 Gelatine drops on a red banded polypore
26 Reflections
27 Euopean otter alert during sleeping time
28 European otter playing in the water
29 Young European brown bears play-fight on the trees
30 Adult European brown bear breathing damp air
31 Big paws and claws
32 Young European brown bear inspecting a tree to climb in or not
33 Young European brown bears playing in the water learning to fight
34 Big adult European brown bear threath display

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